Monday, December 10, 2018
We know that businesses are transforming into various landscapes to adopt the change and stay relevant in this disruptive world. In today’s time, tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors that undertake the new experience on your every travel. The Global Luxury travel market is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry worldwide. The India Travel Award is all set to acknowledge the hard work and applaud of the real leaders that reflect the best within the industry.
The award ceremony was held on 10th December 2018 at Agra, Hotel
Based on the online voting system the winners will be awarded after the thorough analysis process. Nominations were made for the various categories which include sectors such as aviation, domestic and international, tourism, hotels, and other technology partners will jointly form the western region of the country.
As said by Mentor of India Travel Award that the award is a real specimen to the contribution of various companies which will take the tourism to the different level. T3 is glad that it has received the well-recognized award with making extraordinary efforts to make the real difference in the tourism industry.
T3 a tourism company for those travel enthusiasts who like to travel domestically as well as internationally. T3 is special design for travel itineraries to allow ample scope for various clients to accommodate their business excursions and spare time for the sight-seeing and stress relief. We have 80+ staff and 80k+ clients to whom we have served with the strong customer support base. The senior management team presented the India Travel Award at a gala event in Agra. Mr. Rahil Poojara and Mr. Dhruv Somaiya have attended the event and received the award.