Grab the Mythological creatures with getting the religious significance

Are you planning your trip with family during winter? Then why not intend for the northern side of India and shroud the snow, the beaches and have a bright sunny day or else acquire the southern part for an exquisite charm and beauty. As the climate changes winter also heralds the peak season in India, Are you wondering how? Let’s start from one of the most popular places Konark which has a beautiful and rich history.

Konark is one among those places that shouldn’t be missed while touring in India and especially in the winter season.  Here you’ll find the cold breeze brushing against your face with giving you an experience of an accentuated weather. Come, let move in to find the best holiday destination in Konark and make your trip memorable.

Konark Sun Temple

It’s one of the ancient temples in Konark which is located 1.5km from Konark bus stand. This temple is the heart of Konark present in Orissa state. The architecture is renowned with ancient design and is promoting Konark tourism. The temple is dedicated to the sun goddess and was built by the King Narasimhadeva.  If anyone interested in knowing the history of the temple and wants to remember the ancient times, then this temple is for sure going to give a fantastic time.

Konark Museum

Konark Museum is located just near the Sun temple and is named under the list of the most prominent places to visit in Konark. The museum was started in the year 1968 with a purpose to build fallen sculptures. The museum displays more than 250+ antiquities including painting, manuscripts, and various sculptures. For the art lovers, this place is like a treasure house of the historians.

Konark Sea Beach

People if you’re in Konark then don’t miss out Konark’s stunning Beach from the list. The beach is also named as the Chandrabhaga Beach as well-known as one of the popular Konark destination for the tourist.  The beach is called after the Chandrabhaga River which joins the sea and has sylvan sands, soothing blue sea, and undulating waves. Tourist comes here for sunbathing and makes their presence stronger to swim in the beach.

Ramachandi Temple and Beach

The Ramachandi Temple is near about 10 km from Konark and located on the banks of Kushabhadra River in Odisha state. It is situated on Marine Drive Road from Puri. The temple is dedicated to God Ramachandi and is the older than the Sun Temple. From 17th-century people are worshipping it, where the Goddess Ramachandi is dressed in maid and ask Kalapahad to wait there at the door till she brings water from the river. This never happened and the throne left empty due to which Kalapahad got anger and this continued…


It is 7km from Konark bus stand and is a small village in Puri district. It is one of the most famous Konark tourist places well-known for its historical significance.  It covers the major archaeological excavation sites in Orissa and famous for its Buddist texts from Asoka and Ceylon. One school teacher discovered the location before the excavation and a stone slab containing a beautiful image of the Lord Buddha. This image is worth watching it, who doesn’t want to grab this opportunity and travel to this beautiful place to study history.

Konark adds the real beauty with giving the rich tropical climate from September to March. UNESCO has list this place as one of the top listed in the World Heritage sites in India. Are you one among the high art history lover, Want to travel to Konark?